"If I could describe myself in one word... I would say "diverse."

Welcome to my personal blog!

Latravia Shelton is my full name, but also known as Lay. The nickname abbreviates "Love & Accept You."
I'm an inspiring fashion stylist and graphic designer living in a creative, fantasy world. I'm currently living in the sunny state of Georgia (where there's hidden talent waiting to be released). I believe in dreams and fairytales, so that's what I follow to reach my highest disposition. I am God's child.
Fashion is my way of expressing my true personality and feelings, while graphic design labels my creative thinking of my true diverse form.
This blog was made to introduce my personal life to others, yes, but also to inspire other citizens from all around the world to stay true to yourself. Be Yourself & Love & Accept You.
Everyone is invited to my creative life that I live. But in order to be accepted, you have to accept yourself first.

"I'll try my best to be professional, but don't get upset when some creative features start to fall."

Sincerely, Lay