Monday, June 27, 2016

Day in the City

I feel completely horrible because I haven't blogged in forever! Procrastination has been a *****. I can think or say I'm going to do something, and it never gets done. Definitely have to work on my bad habits.

I'm doing better than I've been in 3 years. It always feels great when you've found yourself. Especially when you find out more interesting facts or interests that you have. I've gotten closer to the Universe and all of its amazing creatures. Crazily thinking the moon has adopted me as a child and won't stop following me haha. But it's cool, I love the attention from the Universe.

I'm going to be in Atlanta for a week straight and today is day one. I love the vibe I get from outside. People walking and hanging out other than doing something illegal.

That's what I live for. Happiness and extreme adventures. My boyfriend thinks I'm insane because I told him I'm skydiving in my wedding. Too much extreme, right?

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