Sunday, January 26, 2014

Giving It All

Yesterday, my horoscope said I would finish a goal that I never got a chance to finish. That goal was taking more pictures and expressing myself through them. I would always put on make-up and fix my hair up in order to take one. You really don't need all of the extras. Just be yourself and do what you love.
"I'm not perfect but I'll always be myself."
I put on less make-up today. I was feeling the equanimity. My mind was set on POSITIVE MODE once I awaken. I had a very confusing dream. Luckily that didn't stop my flow. Crinkled my hair, found a grunge type of look, and went outside to take a fresh breathe of air. I tried to take some good quality pictures. The outrageous dog next door screwed it for me. Every step I took, he barked. I'm going to need him to know that I live here haha. He should get used to seeing me every now and then.

Top+Cardigan+Scarf+Jeans // Goodwill;

Now I think I'm clear to start off fresh now. It's time to start being proficuous. This year should not be thrown away like all the rest of them. At this time, I should be rich with my own business company. Since I didn't start when I was supposed to, I have somethings to catch back up on. By April of 2014, I will have everything up and running. That's my major goal right now. I believe in myself so I have no problems.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

Recent Photography in Night Lights

I never really used the flash before. I've always thought it would make me look hideous haha. So glad I tried it, now I know what I'm going to be using from now on. The quality is much better than anything. I suddenly fell in love with the flash button on my camera ha. I could't stop snapping pictures.

 That made me realize how much blogging truly means to me. Blogging hasn't really been my "thing" lately due to disappointments and temporary problems. Sometimes it's hard to muti-task when you have a problem that you need to fix ASAP. Glad to say, I solved the problem and I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging soon. 

 There are going to be some changes with my blog, but that's only for the better of it. Stay updated.