Friday, June 28, 2013

Vintage Loving'

Vintage photography and fashion has changed my whole life around..Vintage is basically a creative, indescribable human being with lots of talent and ideas. Especially, amazing fashion sense. I describe myself as a vintaged, indie, hipster gal. I'm totally sticking to this trend for a while.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bring Me Along

What I'm Wearing:
Flannel: Goodwill
Tank Top: Rainbow
Leggings: Skillz
Shorts: Burlington Coat Factory+DIY
Sandals: Gift

Once again it poured down raining. Amazingly, I was happy that it did. When it rains, I lay in bed and relax on Tumblr or watch some Spongebob. Today's outfit is calm and basic. I didn't feel like putting on any pants.
- Hopefully I go to Krogers today. They have an amazing make-up sale. Actually better than any other pharmacies around here. Bye xx

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mixed With Photography

Have you ever felt like you wanted to "get away" from the stressing of all nature and its people? The best place to go is to a secure area where all you hear is animals or the wind. You softly listen to the wind brushing against the trees.
Today was my getaway day and I had fun playing around with the camera. The leaves were so nice.

So after visiting the wanderlust forest, my mom and I went to Target. I absolutely HAD to take pictures in the store. People were looking at me like I was insane, but I find it perfectly normal. The graphic tees caught my eye. Looks like something you would see in Delias or Tilly's.
I've been looking for some inspirations on clothing lately. In 2014, I'm going for a natural style.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Let Her Go

What I'm Wearing:
Graphic Tee: Goodwill
Shorts: Goodwill+DIY
Tribal Sneakers: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Gift
Bag: Gift

The sun shines brightly as I walk out my back door. Today's style is Vintage, but since I'm going shopping today I added a little taste to the outfit by picking my red shoulder bag. 
- Maybe I'll do a haul later on tonight. Stay updated .
I love everyone bye !