Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Time to Get Cozy

Tonight's sleep will be so peaceful knowing that I transformed my room. It's brighter than anything and sparkles with love particles all around it. The candle is burning at this minute with a sweet smell. My dog is knocked out on my blanket. I can tell that he really enjoys this new change.

   I threw out all of my old "habits", making room for fresh beginnings. I haven't felt this way in so long... this love in my heart. These butterflies in my stomach. I'm falling in love with everything all over again and this time I'm keeping it going. 

 I bought these two velvet blouses from Rue 21. They were on sale for $2. I l absolutely adore velvet and all of the vintage inspirations similar to this style. I can't wait to wear them. I never really shop retail but that was a great sale and I had to show my favorite pieces haha.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Who Are You?

Can you believe how time is going by so fast?! I could've sworn it was the summer. However, I'm glad 2016 is over. It was a rough year but I got through it by surrounding myself around people that love me from my beauty inside...
  A couple days, I was introduced to my true self. The questions ran through my mind thousands of times, wondering "Am I who I say I am?" That called for a photoshoot on my white wall by the rainy window and fresh air entering in my lungs. I found out that day.
(As I tell this story, I have a butterflies in my stomach !)

I had to take pictures with my undergarments on which was really uncomfortable at first. I was hiding my skin so much, putting my hands over each part I accused as a "flaw", covering my mouth, .etc. Then I started laughing to gain all of that happiness that I lost from broken relationships, failures, misguided plans, and everything that caused me trouble. I laughed so much that I almost cried. This was my first time actually dealing with my problems straight forward.

  It felt really damn good.

That's when the breakthrough came... I've made it.. I conquered my fears. Now all I want to do is take pictures of me smiling and tell so many stories about how I've overcame the fear of being myself. 
 The world had me believing that I needed to fit in the circle in order to be successful. What a lie.. 

  After a long talk with my boyfriend, his words sparked in my heart. God was talking through Him and it made me want to be free again. I have nothing to hide. I know who I am now and what I've been sent here to do..

DO you know why you're here?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2nd Day in the City

I had an adventurous day & so happen to be wide awake from only 3 hours of sleep last night. I fell asleep watching a 2 hour Youtube video about success and power. I really needed that speech. This morning I got some breakfast which was outstanding. I haven't had grape jelly in forever. It's so sweet and could be my desert if I wanted it to be.
I waited until my mom got back to the room so we could check out some malls and thrift stores. I went to Goodwill & as soon as I walked in, I fell in love. They had so many designer pieces.

One of my thrifting tips: always go straight to the men's section and take all the great vintage t-shirts/jerseys. For some reason, they have all the great band t-shirts. Every thrift store I've been to never fails in the guys section. Over 50% of the time, women's section fails me.
That's a must! Some of the pieces I bought are listed above. I spent $18.68. Far over what my budget was but at least I'm happy and satisfied about my purchases. It was raining and I've been trying to get there all day. I succeeded! 

After we left, we ordered some food. I got 3 chicken enchiladas. Tastes so much better with the taco sauce. I put taco sauce on every Mexican food because it gives the dish a sweet taste but not too spicy. Hopefully, when I get back home I can work on my meals. What to eat & what not to eat. I've been thinking about becoming a vegan for a while. The whole process scares me a bit. I just love the different types of foods other vegans eat.

Also, I bought a book from Target about 3 weeks ago called "Calm". I recently started reading it & I got addicted to it. The feeling I get when I read it is very pleasant and peaceful. I would suggest everyone to read this book! Especially if you're in a depression and just want to be happy. Which is one of my goals for the week.

Quote of the day:
Inhale love, exhale gratitude. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Day in the City

I feel completely horrible because I haven't blogged in forever! Procrastination has been a *****. I can think or say I'm going to do something, and it never gets done. Definitely have to work on my bad habits.

I'm doing better than I've been in 3 years. It always feels great when you've found yourself. Especially when you find out more interesting facts or interests that you have. I've gotten closer to the Universe and all of its amazing creatures. Crazily thinking the moon has adopted me as a child and won't stop following me haha. But it's cool, I love the attention from the Universe.

I'm going to be in Atlanta for a week straight and today is day one. I love the vibe I get from outside. People walking and hanging out other than doing something illegal.

That's what I live for. Happiness and extreme adventures. My boyfriend thinks I'm insane because I told him I'm skydiving in my wedding. Too much extreme, right?